In 2016 Forever Young Distribution was created.  It was created to be a support company for the restaurants owned by our parent company, but that was short-lived and Forever Young Distribution had to pivot, so an Amazon Vendor Express (now known as Seller Central) account was setup.

Forever Young Distribution was selling goods they would purchase in bulk, resize the quantities in custom packaging and then sell them on Amazon.   As we started to perfect our process, we started adding new clients and their products.  We started off with local companies in Cleveland, Ohio, and then branched out to nationwide products and now we are global.

But as we learned the hard way, if you sell your products on other companies’ platforms, they can turn your account off, cutting off your entire sales stream if it is your only source of income.  Now using platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, E-Bay, and even Facebook Marketplace you get access to their clients, their search engines, and platform, but they can turn that all off.  And we learned that the hard way.  So again we had to pivot.

We would have our sister company Forever Young Publishing create our branded websites and they would help with SEO, ad buys, backlinks all the things that need to be done to get your site seen on search engines like Google.  BY having your own website, you own the data, you own everything, so the only way you can get turned off is if the internet gets turned off and/or you don’t pay your hosting bill.  We recommend even if you just want to sell on Amazon or platforms like that, to have a website set up as well.

Along the way, we have made some great systems and processes that have helped us and other companies and brands get sales, and their message out

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